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One of our all-time favourite videos, from a genius English philosopher, Alan Watts, but this applies double to small business owners. Enjoy!


Leading the way forwards

Leading the way forwards

This page will contain a number of free, no-obligation resources which should prove invaluable to all small businesses. Not even a name or email required. Just our way of giving back to the community which has welcomed us into their fold.


Keep coming back because we will be adding to these resources as time permits.





10-Minute Marketing     A guide to a number of ways you can promote your business with little time and money involved.

How to Market Your Business in Thirty Minutes a Day     A guide to marketing your busiess on social media without spending all day on Facebook!  🙂

Business Vision Form     A guide and cheatsheet to help you establish your vision for your business and set goals for its future. One of the two vital elements every business needs, but most don’t have, along with a Core Vision Statement (coming soon).

BeginnersGuideToWPWebsites     A guide to building WP websites the correct way, suitable for complete beginners and upwards.

7BlundersIM     A list of seven mistakes that most small businesses make when they first start exploring Internet Marketing and how to avoid them.

Twitter4SmallBusiness     How to get your business onto Twitter, and how to manage your Twitter account effectively.

Free Graphics Sources for Blog Posts   A great list of sources for free graphics which you can use in your blog posts, brought to you by As well as our own article on images for WordPress articles, there is an excellent article on the various licences for images on the website.

Free manual from Dov Gordon aptly called “The Plenty of Clients manual” is a must read for all small business owners. Up until recently this manual sold for $US97 so grab it while it is still free!

Free SEO Report and SEO guide   Free resources from our mate Dave Jenyns at Melbourne SEO Services (Email address required to receive the reports, but well worth it!).


Enjoy, and don’t forget to bookmark the page and keep coming back!

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