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9 Vital Web Design Trends Set To Take 2020 by Storm

You would think that with everything that’s happened in web design over the last couple of years, it would be some time before we see more innovations in the field that will make quite an impact.

That, however, is the farthest thing from the truth. There have been many website design trends that started planting seeds in 2019 that are now poised to become huge in 2020. Let’s take a look at some of these web design trends that will likely take 2020 by storm.

Mobile-First Design

It’s only been three years or so since mobile users started to outnumber desktop users, but the gap between them has never stopped widening. Mobile has gotten so big in the last few years that it has become a top priority not only in SEO — courtesy of Google’s Mobile-First Index — but also in web design, with mobile-first design becoming the norm among web designers now.
While it’s been around for some time now, mobile-first design is going to get bigger in 2020, when a growing number of web designers will start working on the smallest screens first when sketching and prototyping websites, leaving the larger screens for later.

The beauty of mobile-first design lies in the way web designers prioritize content — the most essential aspect of a website for most mobile users, by the way — over other elements that they would have a hard time squeezing into a small screen.

With content taking centre stage on smaller screens, mobile users will have quicker access to the content they need. There will be no more waiting for the more extraneous visual elements of a website to load up. All they’ll get right away is the information that matters most to them, which means they should be able to provide leads and conversions at a much faster rate.

Micro Animation

We’ll see more micro animations on websites in 2020, especially with how they help users interact with websites and the products that they’re promoting. Shopping for clothes online, for example, has become even more fun and more convenient with small animations showing users how they would probably look with clothes in which they’re interested.

Dynamic Responsive Landing Pages

Have you noticed how the landing pages of some websites have become more vibrant lately? That’s because they’re no longer as static as they were in the beginning and for a long time after that.

Today, webmasters and web designers can work towards making their landing pages more dynamic, with interactive elements and web animation giving life to an otherwise ho-hum page. With more dynamic landing pages in 2020, visitors will become more engaged, and more likely to provide you with the leads you need.

Big, Bold Letters

Did that website get your attention immediately? In all likelihood, the thing that caught your eye is the huge typography plastered on top of its hero images. Also popularly used in section titles, big, bold letters are pretty good at getting noticed immediately by visitors. With the often jarring effect that they have on people who set eyes on them, they’re more likely to remember your message — and your brand — better than if you only used regular-sized fonts.

3D Modelling And Rendering

For the longest time that 3D technology has been around, not too many websites dared to take on incorporating 3D modelling and rendering into their web design because it would have cost them a small fortune.

However, with 3D technology becoming more accessible and affordable, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that it’s going to achieve a certain level of popularity in 2020. It’s going to help drive more traffic to a website simply because 3D is always cool.

Dark Mode

For people who prefer working at night or in dark environments, dark mode is the one potentially huge web design trend in 2020 that they are going to appreciate.
Dark mode, which displays mostly dark surfaces on the UI (the User Interface), reduces eye strain, especially the kind you get when you’re working in the evening or in a dark room. Aside from improving visual ergonomics, dark mode also helps conserve battery power, allowing you to use your device for far longer without charging it.

Split-Screen Content

A split-screen is an excellent choice for your web design if your goal is to express more than one idea without messing up your website’s overall look. Many websites picked up on this trend in 2019, and there will be many more who will do the same in 2020.

Still, even with a split-screen, you’re going to need to balance things out. Your page must have a focal point at the centre of the screen, whether it’s a logo, a menu header, or any visual element you can think of.


We live in a world where the use of voice search and smart virtual assistants like Cortana, Google Now, and of course, Siri, is becoming more widespread than ever. Web designers and developers have never been under more pressure to come up with voice-capable interfaces that are capable of providing the best possible experience for the users of voice search than they are today.

In 2020, the use of VUIs or Voice User Interfaces, will become more popular, right to the point where visually-impaired users can already interact with a product hands- and eyes-free, even when their attention is on something or somewhere else.

Full-Screen Forms

If you like filling in online forms, then you are going to love doing so even more with more websites expected to feature full-screen forms in 2020.

Come to think of it, even those who hate filling in forms — which is just about everyone — will likely respond better to forms with bigger fields and much more readable text.

These are just a few of the web design trends that are expected to make quite an impact in 2020. Of course, not all of them are going to last for long. Some may even fade into oblivion before 2020 ends.

So which ones do you think are going to stick around for years? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of these predictions, or what you believe will be huge in 2020.

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