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Another Day, Another Scammer!

Another day, another scammer! This morning I received a legitimate looking invoice by email, informing me that our web hosting plan was overdue, and I needed to pay it immediately or lose our website. This would have been worrying, except for the fact that we have our own premium web hosting service, and don’t use theirs! The first and second red flags were in the subheading — “A payment is overdue on your Domain Services Hosting WebSite account”.

[1] Domain Services and Hosting are two separate things;

[2] Who spells website ‘WebSite’? Even my spellchecker just had a fit! 😉

The email was too long for a single screenshot, but you get the picture. As I said, it looks legit, other than the spelling, and if you go to the website on the email, it exists, but the third red flag, other than the fact that we don’t have an account with them, is the fact that the cheapest website hosting plan on that website is $US99/year (which is another red flag, that is way too cheap to be real) and yet the invoice is only $US49. The PayPal buttons are working, but does anyone else think that my credit card would only be charged $49? 😉

Once again, never rush in and pay an invoice you receive by email, always double-check that it is legitimate, and only pay on the actual website, these parasites are everywhere, and their main weapon is a false sense of urgency as well as the average person’s trust. Caveat Emptor — Let the buyer beware!

Terry Chadban

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