Welcome aboard!

First of all I’d like to say a big thank you for choosing to work with our team at Port Macquarie Online Marketing for your project. There are a lot of design and online marketing agencies out there and we’re humbled and honoured that you chose to work with us.

As we’re settling in, we want to make one thing clear – our aim is to achieve your project goals and absolutely knock it out of the park with the results.

We have worked on hundreds of projects with many different clients and we strongly believe the key to project success is a solid plan, clear expectations from the outset and effective communication throughout the project.

To help us achieve this, we want to let you know more about how we’ll work together so we can get the best results from this project for you and your business.

Let’s begin!

Overview of How we Work

Project Scope & Pricing

For all projects the way we work is on an hourly basis of $100/hour. This includes everything to do with the project including communication with you and your team (via phone, email and in person), project management and execution of the project deliverables.

Our payment schedule is 50% before we begin, 30% once design and functionality has been finalised and 20% prior to launch.

The fixed project rate that we provide is based on our experience with this type of project and how long we expect to be able to complete the fixed scope and requirements. If the project scope or requirements change, then the project rate and schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

If the changes are significant compared to the original project then this may warrant the creation of a new project.

In general, if something is not specified within the proposal then it is not included within the project and will be charged additional if required.

Just let us know if you have any questions or concerns about what is and what isn’t included so we can make sure expectations from both sides are crystal clear before we begin.

How We Communicate

We keep the majority of our project communication within Asana and our team email address of portmaconline@portmacquarieonlinemarketing.com

To keep communication clear we have found it is much more efficient to work with a single, primary contact from your organisation. It is up to this single contact to provide project updates and details to the rest of your team if this is required.

Our project and contract is with you and you alone, so please do not CC us in with communication with third-parties.

If additional stakeholders will be involved in the project please advise our team.

Before the project begins we will have a combination of emails, phone calls and in person (or Skype) meetings to get everything out on the table to develop the project plan that we’ll be executing. We’ll be in touch to schedule these in.

Once the plan is rock solid and we begin working on the deliverables, we mostly communicate via email and will have a scheduled weekly chat with you to let you know how we’re going, make sure everything is to schedule and make sure we have everything we need from you so we can keep moving forward.

We also provide you with weekly project progress updates to let you know exactly how things are progressing. We book in all phone calls and meetings in advance so we can stay focused on the work we have set out to achieve.

If you need to communicate with us, the best way to do so is via a short email so we can keep all project details in writing. For anything that will take more than 5 minutes to explain or understand then we’ll need to book in a phone consultation or we can just chat at our next weekly session.

Before We Begin

To get started, we need a few very important things:

  1. The initial invoice to be paid and the proposal and contract to be signed

  2. All of the content that will be used on the project including photos, text content, list of pages/products/services

  3. Your logo and brand guidelines

We Need All Your Content Before We Begin

Content is essential and we need to review everything that will be used in this project before we get started. This includes all of your text content, photos, products, pages and anything that will be used as part of the project.

If stock photos are to be used then it will be up to you to purchase these. If stock photo research is required, then we will charge our hourly rate unless this has been included within the proposal.

To receive your content we’ll connect you with a Dropbox or Google Drive account so you can send us all files and we can keep it all nice and organised together.

If the content is not of high enough quality, such as poorly worded pages and low-quality photos/images, then we will advise that the content is not created to an appropriate standard.

If you are unable to create this content, we have a network of photographers and copywriters that we can recommend to do this for you.

The project will not begin until we receive all required content and this content is organised clearly.

Logo & Brand Guidelines

We strongly believe in a consistent and coherent brand that extends through all business interactions. To achieve this, it’s important that we have access to your established brand identity before we start working.

We Are Really Going to Get to Know You

Yep, it’s about to get up close and personal.

Each of our projects begin with a discovery phase where we get to know what makes your business and your customers tick.

This involves surveys, questionnaires, phone calls, workshops and a lot of research with the goal of leaving no stone unturned.

Feedback & Revisions

Once we’ve worked our magic and created your designs we’ll send them through for feedback in a timely manner and as per our instructions.

A round of revisions is a single email that includes all of the changes you need performed.

We include two rounds of revisions as part of our fixed-rate projects with additional revisions charged at our hourly project rate.

After The Project

Once the project deliverables have been created and the final invoice is paid we will deliver all of the items included as part of the project to you.

Once the project is complete, any and all additional work will have to be booked in as a new project and charged accordingly.

Then we celebrate the project success!

We’ve love to get your feedback and a testimonial from you at this point so we can share the success of your project via our website.

We also provide a courtesy complementary follow up 30 days and 90 days after the project is complete.

Ongoing Projects

Once the project is complete, we only work with clients that are on a website care plan and we do not do small one-off changes or website alterations. We are happy to refer you to other businesses that specialise in this kind of small changes and do an excellent job at delivering.

Website Care

Something we are very passionate about is providing ongoing results and benefits to our clients – this is the key goal of our business and our website care plans are designed to do just that.

Each website care plan includes different specifics so please refer to your plan details to know what is included.

Final Thoughts

We aim to make your project experience as effective and enjoyable as possible so we can continue to have a great business relationship. If at any time you are unsure of what is happening with your project or you just want to give us some feedback we would love to hear from you.

We’re excited to begin working with you!