Image of circle showing relationship of social media and SEO.
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How Great SEO Brings You High Quality Traffic

Online Search Engine Optimization is a complex process that can truly assist any business to flourish. Sadly nonetheless, over time the entire procedure has actually been somewhat misrepresented as a basic system of getting as many links as possible pointing to your site. The type of so called ‘SEO Gurus’ that promote this tactic are so desperate to obtain links to their website that they will use any trick in the book to spread their website around the internet with little regard for quality, viability or value for the readers.

Image of circle showing relationship of social media and SEO.
Cycle of social media and SEO.

While flooding the web with links will certainly bring you short-term dividends, in the long run it will only upset visitors and ensure that your website gets treated like the plague. Believe me, if you click on a link to a site on another site that you generally trust and then find out that it’s nothing like it declares to be, made complex to navigate, or full of garbage material from post spinners and rewriters, would you actually spend more than ten seconds there?

We’re becoming more knowledgeable about the significance of high quality links these days. But are you likewise thinking of the quality of the traffic originating from those links?

High Quality Traffic is More important Than High Quantity Traffic

The best way to optimize your website for search engines then, is to make your website genuinely offer the responses that the visitor is looking for.

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This will then pay for itself in terms of links too, as your visitors begin to talk about your website on message boards, dig it on a social bookmarking site, put links on their own sites, or refer to it on Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers.

One link from a respected user on ‘Reddit’ can multiply your income from AdSense alone by ten times for that day and it’s more than a little satisfying to see this occur.


Staying Appropriate for Your Audience

Publishing your links everywhere can also really damage your site too. If you have links to your site on lots of websites that seem irrelevant to your site then Google will penalize you for spamming and your page rank will suffer as a result.

However, if you keep filling your site with worthwhile and routine content then Google and other websites will recognize this and your search rankings will reflect that too.

Likewise, you can assist Google by creating appropriate headings and meta tags which will inform search engines exactly what is on each page or post. If your pages of material seem appropriate and plentiful, then Google will begin to like the website just as much as your visitors will.

So in short, there’s a lot more to SEO than simply publishing links. Designing worthwhile content, adding routine updates, creating great navigation on your site and utilizing meta tags are all simply as crucial if not more so than getting links. And just as essential is to make sure that you are then drawing in the ideal kinds of visitors to your content — the kind that will specifically enjoy the material you’ve developed.

Google has actually been really cleverly developed with the customer in mind and there’s a big difference between working the system and abusing it. So give Google what it is asking for, relevant, up to date information for your industry, and Google will reward you by sending you more relevant viewers, which are more likely to turn into buyers than people who see your links on irrelevant sites. Win-win.

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