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7 Marketing Automation Ideas for Growing Your Business

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Marketing automation is a fantastic strategy to make your employees’ lives easier and your business more successful. It can be a bit of a overused buzzword but what does it actually mean? It’s all about productivity! Check out Amazon as an fantastic example. If you don’t have marketing automation in place, your employees’ time will be wasted performing tasks that could be taken care of for them.

There are difference in how marketing automation works in B2B compared to B2C however the end goal is the same – to work more effectively so you can make your business more effective and more profitable. If you’re looking to integrate marketing automation into your business, we have 7 entry-level ideas for automation you can try and tips on how they could benefit your business.

Image showing email marketing automation concept
Email marketing automation concept

1. Automated follow-up emails

Often, a lot of potential clients and contracts end up failing to convert because of lack of communication. When your employees are busy, they may forget simple, little tasks such as sending follow-up emails. Research has shown that, often, three follow-up emails are needed to entice a response from recipients. And, this isn’t because the clients aren’t interested, it is often just because they are busy! By having an automated email system to send follow-up emails, you’re more likely to gain new contracts that would have otherwise been missed.

2. Email newsletters to all contacts

The best way to retain clients is to keep in contact with them. Email newsletters are an effective way to keep your branding fresh in customers’ minds. This means that if they are to make a purchase soon, they are likely to think of your products and visit your website. If your customers don’t receive email newsletters, they may turn to another brand. Email automation makes sending out newsletters an affordable, efficient way to keep in touch with customers, and having them automated guarantees that everyone on your contact list receives one.


Image of circle showing relationship of social media and SEO.
Cycle of social media and SEO.

3. Update your social media regularly

Social media is one of the biggest marketing techniques your business should be using. It is hands down the most effective way to reach a wider audience particularly if a social influencer shares on your behalf. However, many businesses find that they don’t have the time to constantly update their social media pages. That’s where automation can help.

4. Chase cold calls

If telemarketing is part of your marketing mix, you can systematize your campaigns to improve efficiencies. This means that your team can focus on engaging with potential clients that have shown an interest. This is a much more efficient use of your employees’ time.

5. Respond to enquiries quicker

Research has shown that the quicker you respond to enquiries, the more favourably customers will view you. Sending out automated responses – even just to say that the enquiry has been received – will impress potential customers and make them more likely to engage with your business.

6. Personalize communication

Automation allows you to store all client information in one place and use these details to personalize communications. For example, you can use client information to send out email deals on birthdays or anniversaries of first sales – anything personal that entices customers to make a sale!


Image of marketing automation Sales funnel
Marketing automation – Sales funnel

7. Improve your sales funnel

You can use automation to analyze your sales funnel to identify where you are losing sales. You can use this information to improve your funnel and make more conversions.

Invest in a quality marketing automation platform to improve the efficiency of your business. Contact us to set up your email marketing automation platform now, with a no-obligation, 30-day free trial of our premium marketing automation software, designed by Australians for Australians.

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