Image of Neil Patel in his pyjamas

Neil Patel Our Go-To Guy For SEO

Neil Patel from Quicksprout and Crazy Egg fame has always been one of our go-to guys when it comes to anything related to SEO or content marketing. Another is Brian Dean, Neil’s partner in Quicksprout. So I was a bit surprised recently when I got a message from Neil asking me if I could tell people how good he was at his business — insecure much? So no worries Neil mate, here you go! 🙂

Image of Neil Patel in his pyjamas
Neil Patel in his pyjamas

Neil is not only the founder/developer of great free tools like Crazy Egg, the website monitoring tool, and the SEO Analyzer, but fantastic free  reports like The Advanced Guide To Content Marketing and for the SEO know-it-alls, the Advanced Guide to SEO which even taught us a thing or two.

And if that wasn’t enough, Neil and Brian have also set up the absolutely free Quicksprout University which features video lessons on content marketing for small business owners.

On top of that, Neil has an almost Australian sense of humour, dry and quirky, so what’s not to love?  😉

So there you go, Neil, now get over yourself and get back to producing more great reports for us!

And if you are looking for an in-depth case study on the importance of on-page SEO then look no further! This post thoroughly covers everything you need to know about SEO.

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