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Standing Out On Social Media with Animated Videos (Infographic)

Social Media is a potent tool to share and communicate your ideas to the world.

A large portion of the population is active on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whatapp, Instagram, and YouTube. We spend most of our time on social media simply browsing or connecting with our friends & family.

But did you know that besides using it for personal purposes, these platforms can be used for business promotion and to boost your business? Social Media helps you reach out to millions of potential customers worldwide.

But the next question that comes to our mind is how should we do it? Don’t worry. We will tell you the most effective and affordable way to Stand Out on social media. 2D-3D Animated Videos format can be the ultimate solution for business promotion on social media.

These videos are shorter in duration which makes them less time-consuming to watch and present complex subjects in a much easier and understandable way. The simplicity of the content combined with beautiful audio-visuals makes these videos very appealing. Most of us prefer watching a video over reading content from a book.

In a survey conducted recently, it was noted that 59% of the people prefer to watch videos over reading. And animated videos combine auditory, visual and emotive factors which make the audience enjoy them while feeling connected to it at the same time.

The human brain processes visual information/imagery much faster than textual reading. And, it is seen that on average a human spends around 2 hours 22 minutes on Social Media on an everyday basis. On Social Media, Animated Videos have the tendency to go viral as these can be shared by viewers on other social media platforms.

The Autoplay feature of the Newsfeed lets these videos get automatically played. Animated videos are high in quality content. Also, such videos can be customized as per the requirements of the clientele. This means that you may get a video tailor-made according to your business needs and preferences.

You can also include personal data that will add a personal touch to the video and earn you a web family or tribe. These videos are highly cost-effective as compared to a film shot or a live video which makes them very budget-friendly. Animated Videos present information, facts & figures in a highly interesting way.

It entertains the target audience and generates leads. It is also likely to increase web traffic on your website. Nearly 88% of marketers believe Social Media Marketing is a powerful way to grow and expand your business. And the majority amongst them considers Animated Videos are an effective way of branding.

There are infinite possibilities with animated videos. As a social media campaign, animated videos can enrich the brand and widen the horizons of your opportunities. It is thus a great tool for the advertisement of a business, product or service as well as the best way to launch any new product.

Check out our infographic showing the secrets to standing out on social media using animated videos.

Infographic showing how to stand out on social media with animated videos.

Terry Chadban

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