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Successful WooCommerce – The Importance of Brand Building

If you’ve been thinking about entering the world of e-commerce, chances are you’ve already heard a thing or two about WooCommerce. But what exactly is WooCommerce? Basically, it’s a WordPress plugin that provides your website with additional e-commerce functionality. It currently powers about 99% of WordPress e-commerce websites in Australia, the US, the UK and Canada. While installing this plugin can ensure you your WooCommerce website stands on a firm ground, you’ll also have to put a lot of effort into building a strong brand if you want your business to achieve success. And in case you’re not convinced just yet, here’s why it is so important that brand building has to play a huge role in your WooCommerce efforts.

Brand building helps you build a recognizable name

If your WooCommerce business is the first thing people think of in your niche, success is guaranteed. However, in order to achieve this, you’ll need to build visibility and a strong customer base. Of course, you also have to ensure you get all the basics such as your products and prices right. Manage to do all this and you’ll create a recognized name, which is the core of your brand. Your name is also what consumers can remember and relate to. And even in case somebody stumbles across your website and buys from you once, it’s the strength of your name that’ll encourage them to come back.

Brand building establishes brand loyalty

While you can generate a decent number of sales from one-off buyers, it’s your loyal customers who’ll be helping your WooCommerce store grow. Loyal customers don’t only come back to buy from you, but they also follow all of your social media profiles and stay up-to-date with any recent news about your store. This means they might share some of your articles or articles about your store, thus helping you generate more customers. Of course, in order to turn one-off buyers into regular customers, besides having a strong brand, you’ll also have to make sure you offer good service and ease of purchase.

Brand building generates referrals

Another great thing about having a strong WooCommerce brand is that it’s always going to generate you a lot of referrals. This is the case because people love to talk about brands they like. And when they tell their friends and family about your online store, chances are they’ll decide to buy from you as well. In fact, about 84% of consumers have said they occasionally take an action based on a recommendation made by a friend or family member. And of course, you need a strong brand if you want people to refer others you. The rule is – if they can’t remember your name, they won’t be able to recommend you to their friends and family.

Brand building sets you apart from your competition

There’s no need to say that more and more people decide to enter the world of e-commerce which means there will always be plenty of e-commerce stores you’ll have to compete with. Not only this, but bear in mind that every new e-commerce website will try to make as much noise as possible, and it’ll be up to you to compete with them when it comes to getting your brand recognized. If you manage to build a strong brand, you won’t have to worry too much about new stores appearing on the web, since your customers won’t have any reasons to stop buying from you.

Brand building improves your social media presence

When starting out, you’ll have to work hard to get your first social media followers. However, once you develop a strong brand, more and more people will start following your social media pages based on what they’ve heard about your company. This won’t only help you market your services on platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, but it’ll also allow you to get an insight into what consumers really want. You can use media monitoring tools to track relevant conversations that matter the most to your businesses.

Brand building helps you gain trust

Having your customers’ trust is an important part of running your own business. This is especially the case when running a WooCommerce store, since they won’t get to take a look at the actual product before buying it. Of course, consumers tend to trust online stores with a strong brand much more. The only problem with trust is that it’s hard to earn and easy to lose. Therefore, besides working on improving your brand, you’ll also have to ensure you offer top-notch products and customer support.

With the WooCommerce plugin constantly gaining more popularity, you have to expect that there will be plenty of other stores selling the same or similar products you do. Put a lot of time and effort into building a strong brand, and staying ahead of the pack shouldn’t be too difficult.

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