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5 Steps to Creating A Successful Marketing Strategy for Millennials (Infographic)

Been marketing online since 1985 and still learning every day! Love travelling, seeing new places, trying new food and meeting new people.

When it comes to generational differences, many people begin by discussing shared experiences that helped to shape people. For example, in the United States, the … Read More

Online Lead Generation & Automation: 7 Key Concepts To Nail

In this article, we’re going to look at 7 key concepts involving these topics that you need to understand and configure your approach to suit. We’ll also cover some suggestions of relevant tools and actions to consider. By the end, you should have some solid ideas of how you can improve your lead generation process and bolster your efficiency.

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Your Big Advantage As a Small Business

Karthik Reddy, Community Manager, is the author of India’s Number 1 travel blog. Boasting an MBA in computer science, he once decided to get away from the office desk life and take a breathtaking journey around the world. He is eager to use the power of the global network to inspire others.

A passionate traveler and photography enthusiast, he aspires to share his experiences and help people see the world through his lens.

As most of you know by now, Amazon is setting up in Australia, and a lot of small businesses are worried about competition from the … Read More

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Crucial Interpersonal Skills for Managers

Interpersonal skills comprise a wide range of capabilities that allow us to effectively communicate, cooperate, and work alongside others. Research has shown that many employers continue to leave interesting positions open because they feel that the applicants they meet do not display the communication and interpersonal skills required.

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Dov Gordon Giveaway

One of our favourite marketing consultants is American Dov Gordon, because of his almost Aussie-like “tell it like it is” approach to marketing. Dov does not promote the newest ‘shiny new object’ like most other marketers, present company excluded of course, instead Dov promotes a down to earth workable approach to getting more and better clients for your business.

For the last five years Dov has been selling his 95 page manual “The Plenty of Clients manual”, subtitled ‘How to systematically and consistently attract first rate clients’ for $US97 (about $AUS125) and at that price it is one of the best value guides in the market. But Dov has agreed to give the manual away for free to our clients!