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Word image of words related to the origin of business values.

5 Steps to Creating A Successful Marketing Strategy for Millennials (Infographic)

When it comes to generational differences, many people begin by discussing shared experiences that helped to shape people. For example, in the United States, the so-called ‘greatest generation’ lived through World War II. Among many other events, that helped shape their values and their outlook on life. Those who study population use those groupings to …

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The Boss Gets Interviewed

We recently had the honour of being approached by the editor of the prestigious website Creative Living History to see if Terry Chadban would consider being interviewed for their website, and upcoming physical book. The series of interviews, and the book which will be published next year, are all about the people who make up Australian business. Naturally he was happy to oblige and help out such a great cause.

Image of cover of The 'Plenty of Clients' manual by Dov Gordon

Dov Gordon Giveaway

One of our favourite marketing consultants is American Dov Gordon, because of his almost Aussie-like “tell it like it is” approach to marketing. Dov does not promote the newest ‘shiny new object’ like most other marketers, present company excluded of course, instead Dov promotes a down to earth workable approach to getting more and better clients for your business.

For the last five years Dov has been selling his 95 page manual “The Plenty of Clients manual”, subtitled ‘How to systematically and consistently attract first rate clients’ for $US97 (about $AUS125) and at that price it is one of the best value guides in the market. But Dov has agreed to give the manual away for free to our clients!