The Boss Gets Interviewed

We recently had the honour of being approached by the editor of the prestigious website Creative Living History to see if Terry Chadban would consider being interviewed for their website, and upcoming physical book. The series of interviews, and the book which will be published next year, are all about the people who make up Australian business. Naturally he was happy to oblige and help out such a great cause.

10 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Company

Having an abundance of knowledge on search engine optimization is not the only requirement needed to get your website to the top of search results. Even with a lot of effort and dedication, there is only so much you can do to optimize your website without the help of a professional SEO company. SEO is a time consuming and tedious activity that demands that a person have specific skills and experience in order to undertake successfully. SEO is also a continuous process that does not start today and end tomorrow. An SEO campaign needs to be implemented over several months or even years in order for your website to obtain and maintain a good ranking.

7 Steps to a Successful New Business

Image of cartoon characters climbing 7 steps to a successful new business

It is no coincidence that the statistics of failed new businesses in Australia mirrors those in America and the UK. Around 80% of all new businesses fail in the first year, and close to 90% in the first five years. We want to help turn those statistics on their head by giving you our 7 steps to a successful new business.

Top 5 Benefits of Making Your Business Website Accessible to Everyone

Image of laptop computer showing that you can make a business website accessible to all.

Imagine not being able to move a mouse, watch your favorite movie, or even focus on reading an article online. This is a glimpse of what web users with disabilities face every day. In today’s digital age, having a great web design is a must-have. According to Web AIM, 20% of the population lives with a disability. Yet, many websites are not accessible to those who need them the most. This eliminates millions of people from gaining access to the information they need. Studies from the CDC claim that one in five Americans have trouble hearing. Reports also show almost one in ten adults have difficulty with vision. That is almost 20% of the total market. By making websites and applications accessible to all users, this will increase the number of users, traffic, and customers to your site. Additionally, it will also provide financial benefits in the long term. Here are the top 5 benefits of making your business website accessible to everyone.

Four Common Mistakes SME Owners Make when Growing Their Business

Image of boy hiding face from four common mistakes.
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Research has shown that there are four common mistakes SME owners make when growing their business. The infancy of any business is difficult. It does not matter if you run a small seafood stall, a marketing agency or a private medical practice – you will be struggling for the first few months and sometimes even years. … Read more