The Boss Gets Interviewed

We recently had the honour of being approached by the editor of the prestigious website Creative Living History to see if Terry Chadban would consider being interviewed for their website, and upcoming physical book. The series of interviews, and the book which will be published next year, are all about the people who make up Australian business. Originally the series was intended to be all about the older generations of business owners, but as more and more younger people kept getting mentioned by the old farts being interviewed, the series was expanded to include under thirties entrepreneurs, as well as the older generations.

Naturally he was happy to oblige and help out such a great cause, and his interview was published here. For some reason he was classified as ‘Creative Folk’?    🙄

Anyway, here is a screenshot of his mug on the front page of the website, in among some truly inspiring stories:

Image of our founder Terry Chadban on front page of Creative Living History website.
Image of our founder Terry Chadban on front page of Creative Living History website.


If you ignore that story, we definitely recommend that you check out some of the truly inspiring other stories on the website, and buy the book when it is published next year, in our opinion it will become an instant must-read for all people interested in Australian business and the people who created Australian businesses, both young and old.



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