Image of laptop computer showing that you can make a business website accessible to all.
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Top 5 Benefits of Making Your Business Website Accessible to Everyone

Imagine not being able to move a mouse, watch your favourite movie, or even focus on reading an article online. This is a glimpse of what web users with disabilities face every day. In today’s digital age, having a great web design is a must-have. According to Web AIM, 20% of the population lives with a disability. disability photo

Yet, many websites are not accessible to those who need them the most. This eliminates millions of people from gaining access to the information they need.

Studies from the CDC claim that one in five Americans have trouble hearing. Reports also show almost one in ten adults have difficulty with vision. That is almost 20% of the total market. By making websites and applications accessible to all users, this will increase the number of users, traffic, and customers to your site. Additionally, it will also provide financial benefits in the long term.

Here are the top 5 benefits of making your business website accessible to everyone.

Helps You Understand Your Target Users

Many business owners believe that their only goal is to make money. While this is the ultimate goal, it is essential also to interact with your customers.

Image of laptop computer showing that you can make a business website accessible to all.
Make your business website accessible to all.

Take social media to the next level and boost relationships with users of all kinds. Making an accessible website isn’t difficult. However, it is a little different from the basic steps of SEO optimization. The process starts with understanding how users with a disability are able to interact with your site. Users may have a difficulty in using a mouse or need more time to interact. Meanwhile, users with visual disabilities may have low vision or are relatively blind.

Helps You Improve Accessibility for All Users

Building the best accessibility practices will help you discover the most common issues that affect your visitors. Even with a diverse audience, your users will have different experiences on your site. Those who are deaf will interact differently with music and media. People with colourblindness will react to text and images differently than another visitor who sees distinctive grades.

Avoids Issues of Legal Complications and Discrimination Online

Most companies are not intentionally discriminating against others. However, not being aware of your audience may lead you in the wrong direction. Websites are legally required to be accessible to all users. In fact, Target Corp. had to pay a $6 million lawsuit for damages due to inaccessible navigation.

Building an accessible website will allow you to raise awareness and lower the risk of legal action against your brand. Make it your responsibility to update new solutions and approaches when growing your business website.

Promotes Positive Marketing for Startups

The millennial era is promoting new possibilities in the world of entrepreneurship. Countless studies taken by Duke University, the Kauffman Foundation, and the Founder Institute claim the average age of entrepreneurship is 40 years old. Yet, people as young as 20 are launching their high-growth startup. With an accessible website, you can build a positive reputation for your brand.

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Building an accessible website and app brings in more clients, readers, and users. As a result, this will equate to more sales, ads viewed, and content shared. Not only does this allow you to stand out from the rest of the competition, it also demonstrates your attention and support for your audience.

The internet is a strong platform for people to share their voice and speak their minds. Web accessibility will benefit both user and business in various ways. Improving the accessibility of your website isn’t difficult, but requires a good amount of time and effort to design. Always aim for responsive designs that enable access to all devices. Don’t make web accessibility an option. Consider it as an important part of a responsive web design.

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