Charities And Non-Profits

Here at Port Macquarie Online Marketing we love charities and non-profit organizations, because they are the soul of our planet! So when we set the business up we decided to donate at least 15% of all revenue to charitable organizations, both locally and globally. One of our favourite non-profits is Kiva¬†because as entrepreneurs ourselves, we love the whole concept. The old saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day — give him a line and teach him how to fish and you feed him for life” is the basis of the organization.

charity photo

Instead of handing out donations to people in deprived areas, Kiva gives them a micro-loan in order for them to buy livestock, or set up a local business. They almost always pay the money back quickly as a matter of pride, then the loan is re-lent to another person, and so on. So one donation could easily help dozens of people all over the world to get out of poverty.

Here is one story, Amina lives in Kenya, and runs a small motorcycle repair shop to raise money to feed her children. A $US200 loan will enable her to buy spare parts in bulk, and repair the local village’s bikes. She has almost enough money pledged now to realize her dream. We were glad to help out. charity photo

Another charity we love to support is WaterAid Australia because having clean drinking water should be something that everybody takes for granted, not a luxury for some people. Even though they are Australian-based, and do work to bring clean drinking water to people in the outback of Australia, they also work overseas in Africa and in other deprived areas.

Another great cause to support, and by dealing with us, you are indirectly helping these people too.

Closer to home, we always recycle our out-dated computers and mobiles to local charities to re-distribute to those in need. But in a more practical way, we offer to set up premium quality websites for any recognized charities and non-profits, which includes free website hosting and maintenance, so the website is zero cost to the charity and they can use their funds to do what the charity is set up to do.

If you are a recognized charity or non-profit, or you know of one which needs a website, contact us straight away and we will be glad to help if we can.