As a potential website owner, you need to know whether or not we can deliver a website specifically to your needs, we get that. Every website we build is built specifically to your needs, so they will all be unique.

But in general we will use WordPress as the platform to build your website because of its security and flexibility as well as ease of use for you. Below are some of the websites we have recently built, or are in the process of finishing off, displayed with permission of the owners, so that you can see the versatility of the WordPress platform and its ability to produce unique websites specifically to your needs.

Health Issues Reviewed

Health Issues Reviewed is a website set up by a group of passionate local parents and friends, concerned about the amount of mis-information and just plain lies being promoted around the heath field, by large corporations in particular, and decided to set up their own website publishing real research and studies by real health experts.

Even though they had a limited budget we managed to design a great looking website within their budget, and we think it will attract plenty of other concerned parents to their site.

Luxury Watches Info

Luxury Watches Info was a website set up by a fellow BSO (Bright Shiny Objects) syndrome sufferer. His passion, as you may have guessed, is luxury watches, primarily Swiss made, and he wanted a website highlighting the latest information.

This website is an example of the blog-style website which suited his purpose, not recommended for local businesses.

Wooden Grooves

Wooden Grooves is still a work in progress, but online now and almost finished. It truly is a labour of love on two levels. Firstly, the artist Peter Magyary was our first ever client when we first opened Port Macquarie Online Marketing in 2012, and is still happily with us.

Secondly and more importantly to you, Peter is an incredibly gifted wood carver with a slightly quirky sense of humour which comes out in his works of art. So when Peter told us he was changing gears from being The Furniture Surgeon to concentrate on his works of wood sculpture we were more than happy to help out. Hopefully his website brings out his love of wood and shows it to you.

Is Your Website Our Next Project?

Now that you have seen some of our most recent, and current, work, you hopefully are convinced that we can build any manner of website in any style. So if you are looking for a unique look for your website, get in touch with us, or go to the Website Submission page, fill in your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP and let you know if we can help you out.