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Hourly Rate Calculator

One of the most common problems that business owners face is how much to charge per hour for their services. Most just take an educated guess, or try to match their competitors, but if your competitors are watching you, or if they are not doing well financially, then you are both in trouble!


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To make life a little bit easier, we have put together this simple Hourly Rate Calculator for you. Just move the sliders to the amount of annual revenue that you want to see, the number of weeks you want to work in a year, and the number of hours a week you want to work, and it will spit out the magical number. Okay, it is not magic, it is simple maths, but it definitely astound you with the results. Go crazy, play around with the numbers and see what you could earn if you worked more hours, more weeks, or if you worked less but charged more!


Select Your Desired Annual Revenue
Enter The No Of Weeks You Want To Work
Enter The Number Of Hours Per Week

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