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Please do not phone us and ask for quotes over the phone, we do not mean to offend anyone, but we often get offended people hanging up on us when we refuse to give quotes over the phone!

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Contact us online, not by phone.

It is not that we are trying to hide our prices, but it is simply because every business is different and unique. Even MacDonalds and Hungry Jacks, who are both in the same business and competing for the same target market, have completely different marketing strategies and marketing budgets. And a unique business requires a unique website and marketing strategy, so a canned one-price-fits-all solution will either be too cheap, which rips us off, or too dear, which rips you off!

If you would like a quote for a website, you can go to our Website Submission page and fill in the form there. If you would like a quote for a marketing plan for your business, you can fill in the form below, or if you just have a general question you can try our Pick Our Brains page. There is also a floating widget on every page for booking a consultation with us or leaving a message, or you are welcome to email us at PortMacOnline.