How Safe is Your Business Data, Really? [Infographic]

As a small business, you probably take some measures to protect your data from cybercriminals. Let’s face it, there are a lot more important things to worry about, right? After all, you’re not one of the Googles of the world, so you don’t have much that would interest a hacker, right?


Your business might not have as much juicy data to offer a criminal, but you also don’t have Google-level security. All it takes is one employee clicking on the wrong link to infect a system with malware or ransomware.

These programs are designed to self-replicate, so once they’re up and running, the hacker doesn’t have to do anything. That means that any info that they do get is a bonus.

The program could be designed to steal personal information about your clients for identity theft purposes.

It might be designed to lock you out and force you to pay a ransom to regain access. Or it could be designed to destroy all your data just for the fun of it.

Hackers aren’t the only ones you have to worry about. We all know that social media marketing is highly effective for businesses. But do you know how much information those sites gather about your company or what they use that information for?

Take a look at the infographic that we have for you below for some shocking insight into what Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms do with all the data that they have on you. What’s even scarier is to read up on some of the breaches that these companies have suffered.

Facebook, for example, has had several data scandals in the last few years. The Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed information of around 50 million people. This incident was particularly worrying because a simple online quiz granted access to the stolen information.

While the quiz itself was fun and harmless, it revealed the information of the quiz participants and anyone connected to them. It just goes to show the vulnerability of online data – while you might be overly careful about security, can you say the same for all your clients and employees? 

In particular we strongly suggest that you check out the twenty tips at the bottom of the infographic and implement as many of them as possible, so you will know how safe your business data really is!


Infographic showing how safe your online data is, really.