An Introduction to AWS (infographic)

If you look up Amazon Web Services, you might find a definition along the lines of: “AWS is a cloud computing platform that helps businesses scale and grows.” If you’ve never looked into cloud computing, this probably doesn’t make much sense. We’ll explain it in plain English.

Think of cloud computing as renting office space. If you start a business, purchasing your own office space might be too expensive. However, a larger company that owns an entire building can rent out one floor for your offices. It’s an easy little arrangement, right?

It’s the same with cloud computing. The difference is you’re not renting office space but server resources.

If you run a business, you might need to host a website, or store data, or run an application. Any of those things requires a server. However, purchasing and maintaining your own servers is expensive.

You can probably tell where this is going. It would be much simpler if you could rent server resources from someone who has them to spare. This is where AWS comes in.

Amazon has massive data centers all around the globe. For providing you such details and other important facts and stats about AWS, Hosting Tribunal, a website for testing loading speeds of web hosts made a thorough treatise on hosting data with AWS. In the resources, they provide details like Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, and many other multi-million dollar online companies as clients of AWS to explain just how massive AWS is.

You can imagine the amount of data those companies need to store. That’s hundreds of petabytes of storage space for just these few clients. And AWS has over 100,000 active customers.AWS has enough resources to rent out to anyone. Moreover, the size of their data centers makes it cheaper than investing in your own server. Most importantly, you can use AWS to do anything you could with your own server.

These are not the only benefits of AWS. With four levels of security, AWS offers more safety than you could reasonably achieve without investing a considerable amount of money.

AWS is also easy to use. Its console takes the appearance of a virtual machine so it’s about as difficult as using any other computer. This, combined with stellar customer support, minimizes the effect of any issues that may come up down the road.

Scalability is another important feature. We’ll explain this too.

When you invest in buying your own server, you must be careful. Once you get a server, you’re stuck with the resources it has. If you suddenly need more processing power, there’s little you can do except investing in more equipment.

With AWS, this is not a problem. You only pay for what you spend, so you don’t waste any money. You can scale server resources up or down as your needs change. You never have to worry about a lack or an excess of resources.

To sum up, AWS has the perfect solution for almost anyone’s needs. If you need server-class hardware for any purpose, AWS might be the most efficient and cheap alternative. To learn more about AWS or check out their offer, take a look at the infographic below.


An Infographic showing facts regarding an introduction to AWS.
Infographic showing facts regarding an introduction to AWS.