Do The Colours On a Website Matter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do the colours on a website matter? Colours do make everything vibrant and pretty. But as far as marketers are concerned, colours serve another purpose: to attract the attention of people and make them respond a certain way to what they see and then act on it. At least that’s the principle behind colour psychology, which people in the web design, marketing and advertising industries have been using to the fullest since time immemorial.

As far as colour psychology is concerned, there are human attitudes, emotions, and responses associated with each colour. Smart marketers understand this and have been applying colour psychology to the materials they create — including websites — to get people to respond to their campaigns.

Take red, for example. Colour psychology and various cultures generally agree that it’s the colour of love and passion. It’s also good at creating a sense of urgency, which is probably why ads for shop sales and the like are typically red.

Blue, on the other hand, is a very cool colour associated with calmness and serenity. There’s even the belief that seeing the colour blue can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. It’s often linked with intelligence, trust, reliability, security, and stability as well.

Yellow is regarded as the colour of cheerfulness, and rightly so. It’s the sunniest of all the colours and is often used in marketing materials for products that promote fun and optimism.

Since it’s a mixture of red and yellow, orange represents the best of both worlds. It’s one of the most cheerful colours, and it doesn’t just grab the attention of people; it creates a sense of urgency too. Its frequent use in calls-to-action or CTA buttons in websites is a testament to this.

If you want to know more about colour psychology and all the behavioural associations for each colour, check out the infographic below. So, do the colours on a website matter? Absolutely, and it is important that you get expert advice before designing, or redesigning, your business website.


Infographic showing the psychology of colours on website design
Infographic showing the psychology of colours on website design