How to Get Your Event Noticed – Use Influencers


In the second decade of the 21st century there are more channels for promoting your brand or event than ever before. Yet, despite this, it is harder than ever. Why? Globalization and the development of technology has allowed more people, groups, companies, and entrepreneurs than ever before to enter the marketing game.

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The keys are to market smart and to market innovatively. One way to do both is to leverage influencers. What’s new these days is that influencers might not be famous in the mainstream sense, but have huge niche appeal and millions of followers who they can influence.

Working smart, means knowing how to leverage them, approaching the right ones, and doing it in the right way. You want someone who fits your niche, has the same outlook, who likes your product, is a good match in terms of size, meets your budget, and to be someone you trust to do it their way. Not much, is it?

Jenny Holt

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