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What really is Search Engine Optimization?

What really is Search Engine Optimization? (Photo credit: Go Local Search)




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Search engine optimization is the present and the future of all businesses. No matter how widespread the name, they will all rely in some large degree on Internet traffic, and the only way to generate this and keep it high is through the use of good concise and most importantly honest search engine optimization.

It is too easy and tempting to delve into the pot of Black Hat search engine optimization, but this is a prime example of long term loss, short-term gain. The search engine spiders will find any website that uses these dishonest techniques and then you will be left red faced and as a professional your credibility and professionalism will be thrown into doubt.

Writing good and effective search engine optimized text doesn’t have to be a tough process, as long as you know what you are doing, and follow the basic points outlined below you cannot fail.

The first step of course as with any project is research. You must study not only the website you are working on, but others that offer similar services or rely on similar keywords. Study their approach to search engine optimization and get a thorough knowledge of what your keywords are, what they mean and how they can be used in the English language before you begin to move your fingers over the keys.

By only choosing to use the best keywords, the most suitable examples that relate to the business, you are already setting yourself on the right path to search engine optimization success.


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The next tip is to learn where to use it. No hidden pages or blended text colouring, simply, carefully and tactfully place the keywords and you will see the website climb the ranks. Insert keywords into the HTML headings (tags), and make sure any URLs on your sight contain a keyword. Not just randomly thrown in but carefully constructed.

Never use duplicated content, thoroughly check every article or paragraph you upload, as any duplications will see you lose ground rather than gain it. There is no tricking the system by using the same text but a different title.

Once you feel that you have the basic technical tips down, such as where to insert the keywords and how not to use them in your search engine optimization, then you are ready to get publishing. Writing articles about your business or site is a great way of increasing the keyword content and then as a result benefit from the increased Google or general search engine ranking. Articles alone are not enough however.

Links are the main key, linking your site to others of a similar niche or service is a great way of improving not only your business but search engine optimization. Follow these basic and simple tips and you will be held in good stead to continue your development by actually working and getting paid for it. There really is no better learning tool than being able to spend the rewards for a job well done.


Link Bartering is the New Link Buying

Link Bartering is the New Link Buying (Photo credit: dewaldp)



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