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Building Credibility For Marketing Success

Your credibility is everything. Internet marketing is built on the idea of credible campaigns where trust is developed, leading to conversions. If you can’t seem to entice leads, the problem might be in your brand’s credibility.

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You might not have any.

It can be slim pickings when you are brand new. You have to begin with baby steps and then immediately start running.

So, how do you go about this nicely? How can you become a credible entity? Will you have to make serious changes or can it be subtle?

Yes, it can be subtle and that is, in fact, better.


If you have a site where products are being sold, you need testimonials. Most products and/or services will be brand new. For the prospective buyer, you mean nothing to them until you prove yourself.

Give them something to bite into. They should not only be able to trust the testimonials (make sure they are thorough), but they should also be able to relate to the actual reviewer too. It should feel like the person who gave the testimonial is familiar or similar to them.

It should have a personal touch to it rather than something a machine might have thrown out.

Be Clear

Internet marketing is full of scammers. It sounds dramatic, but that is the truth. Every second person wants to prey on the innocent and grab a quick sale. It is not much of a long-term project for them.

You, on the other hand, are not after a quick sale, you want a long-term relationship, so fight for it and become reliable.

You want them to know what will happen when they click through. You want them to trust you because that is how credibility is built. If you say something, you should be doing it.

Don’t hide behind hidden words or random sponsorships that are a waste. This is incredibly unprofessional and immediately the sale will be lost. You can toss that potential profit out the window just because you thought it would be clever to spam them and their email address.

Interaction Is Important

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Your credibility will increase when you are interacting with prospective buyers. You want to get to know them as people and get to know their specific problems. Too often even larger businesses are known for doing this; the business just ignores their buyers as people. They want to make a sale and treat these leads as numbers in essence.

You don’t want to come across like this because it will hurt your chances of making a sale.

You need to interact with them. This could be through an internal blog (set up on the main website), chat groups, social media groups, or even webinars. You want to build that trust.

This is where your credibility will take over for you. It will build itself and these customers are not going to buy just once, they will keep coming back. You can also build the relationship through email marketing by giving them information for free. It is fine to entice them with free information once in a while to solidify the bond that is already present.

With the sales figure of online purchases increasing yearly, you have a great market to mark and target, but only when trustworthiness has been established. You want to be credible in their eyes.

Just look at the leading brands around the world. What do they have that you don’t? They have credibility. People have been buying from them for years and know how everything works (i.e. prices, sales, returns, customer service) and that is all they need. You want to have this trust as well, even if you are just beginning the journey. Every single one of these businesses was once where you are right now.

Credibility is the foundation of your Internet marketing journey. Build it.

Terry Chadban

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