Great Deal on Square Readers

Image of Full Square App setup in a local coffee shop

The ‘Silly Season’ is well and truly under way now and we are all getting bombarded with great offers. But here is a great deal for the Square Reader that is worth checking out if you are a small business owner.

Image of hand using Square Card Reader to read credit card
Square Card Reader reading credit card

What is the Square Reader?

Great question! The Square Reader is a tiny device that will literally fit in your pocket, but it can read and charge any credit card that you want to poke at it — wave, tap, touch, even the old magnetic stripe cards. It also accepts Android Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay so your customers can do the old ‘poke your bum at the reader and pay’ trick like in the TV ads.


Image of Square Credit Card Reader
Square Credit Card Reader

We use it in our business and it is a great system because of its portability. But if you have a bricks and mortar shop you can get a dock and tablet stand to make a full POS system. There is a full list of accessories at their website.

So the Square Reader is handy, so what?

Here is where it really get great for you as a business owner! Instead of paying the banks a monthly merchant fee, plus transaction fees, plus credit card processing fees, plus everything else that they can think of to take your hard-earned money, Square charges you one fee per transaction, no other fees!

Square’s processing fee is just 1.9% per tapped, inserted or swiped transaction and 2.2% for each paid Square Invoice or 2.2% for manually entered payments and payments through the Square E-Commerce API or Virtual Terminal. That’s it.

Square’s Payment Processing Fees

  • 1.9% for each card tapped, inserted, or swiped transaction the Square Point of Sale app
  • 2.2% for each manually entered payment through the Square Point of Sale app
  • 2.2% for each Square Invoice paid securely online
  • 2.2% for each payment through the Square E-Commerce API
  • 2.2% for each Virtual Terminal payment

Every card accepted has the same rate, and fees are taken out of the total amount of each transaction, including GST and tip.

No Hidden Fees For The Reader

There are no separate fees for the following:

  • Activation
  • Early termination
  • Interchange
  • Chargebacks
  • Cash payments
  • Refunds
  • Inactivity

Credit card fees are included in Square’s fees, so you will not incur any charges from credit card companies. How does that compare with your current arrangement?

Image of Full Square App setup in a local coffee shop
Full Square App setup in a local coffee shop


What else is Square good for?

Another great question.   😉

Included in their free website app is a complete staff management system and customer management system. How much a month are you currently paying for software to do this? Are you starting to see why we love the app so much yet? Did I mention that ‘there is an app for that’? Yes, you can take orders, view orders and change specials, etc, all from your phone or tablet.

Now for the great news! Up until 31/12/2017, Square are offering a 20% discount on their Square Chip Reader if you use the coupon ‘GIFTSQUARE20’ when you order, so go to their website and check out their great reader and accessories before 31/12/2017 and get set up ready for a Prosperous New Year!

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