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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Monday.

English: Graph of social media activities
English: Graph of social media activities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hubspot recently ran an interesting article revealing no less than 18 new statistics that show that social media is alive and well in 2013. They said: 

“At some point or another, we’ve all heard people spout off about the ‘death’ of social media. One day someone announces a boycott of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest — the next day, the social network is growing exponentially. So how should you, as a savvy inbound marketer, make sense of it all? As a data-driven and social media-loving company, we’d like to set the record straight: Social media is here to stay.”

18 Fresh Stats About the Current State of Social Media Marketing

A couple of takeaways from the article:

“3) Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC.

4) Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate.”

One of my favourite reads, Social Media Examiner, threw in some more stats relating to social media marketing, and how more online marketers are using paid social media ads now:

“#1: 65% of Marketers Increasing Paid Social Media Ad Budgets for 2013

The majority of advertisers surveyed revealed that they plan to increase their paid social media advertising budgets for 2013. As social media use continues to explode among U.S. users, marketers are following closely by investing heavily to stay in front of their customers.

Actionable Marketing Tip:

Paid social ads are appealing because you can use them to target the right audience, increase traffic to your website and gain new customers for your business.”

How Marketers Are Using Paid Social Media, New Research | Social 


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However, Social Media Today had some more sobering advice in their recent article:

“If you’ve jumped blindly into social media and have no clue WHY, might as well get out now because you’re doomed to fail!

By not setting goals and objectives, you can’t effectively measure your success which will leave you frustrated and disappointed. Clearly defining and understanding what you’re attempting to accomplish with social media should be your first step.”

They go on to list a complete checklist for the small business owner looking to get into social media marketing which we heartily recommend.

Social Media Marketing: Get Out Now… You’re Doomed to Fail 

Finally, for those who still don’t get the whole social media marketing thing, here is a great video from Douglas Lim explaining what it is, and why you need to be implementing it in your business marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing Explained

And Ryan Moore has a more comprehensive video with no less than 22 tips on social media marketing.

22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips

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