Welcome to this week’s Social Media Marketing Monday. First-up is a list of ten things you need to know about Social Media Marketing, from the Constant Contact blog.

10 Things to Know About Social Media Marketing | Constant Contact 


My favourite is number four, pick your channels.

“4. Pick your channels.

You don’t have to be on ALL social media platforms (there are hundreds of them.) Start where your customers are and where you have the most fun. It will be easier for you and most effective in marketing terms.”


There is also some good advice about social media marketing in this blog by Social Media Today, and it also shows that nothing much has changed in the marketing business over the last fifty years:

What Mad Men Can Teach Us About Social Media Marketing 

Don Draper of Mad Men works on Madison Avenue

Don Draper of Mad Men works on Madison Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Mad Men” is a great show, by the way, it is set in a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency back in the 50s, when all men and most ‘modern’ women smoked inside the building, and more than a little scotch was drunk during the day — good old days?  🙂





Finally this week, and along the same vein, Hubspot posted their “Guide to Social Media Etiquette”, which lists a lot of do’s and don’ts to help with your marketing:

The Marketer’s Guide to Proper Social Media Etiquette – HubSpot

http://blog.hubspot.comMon, 06 May 2013 13:00:00 GMT


My takeaway from the guide?

“While social media etiquette might sound like a stuffy practice, this is really just about having good social manners online. How you conduct yourself on your social channels, thinking about how your behavior affects your fans and followers, that kind of thing.”


That should be enough for you today — if you read all three of these blog posts, and implement their suggestions, you will be well on the way to being a Social Media Marketing ‘GURU’.

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