An Introduction to Facebook Marketing

An introduction to Facebook marketing for businesses. The purpose of e-commerce marketing is to increase interest in your website and ultimately to grow your revenue from products and services sold. Your marketing efforts need to tickle the curiosity of internet users and to provoke them to register or make a purchase via your website.

Facebook has appeared as a powerful ally to everyone involved in e-commerce marketing – that tends to happen when your platform boasts over 2 billion active users. The social media portal offers numerous opportunities for increasing traffic and advertising your website’s main products and services.

The beauty of e-commerce marketing on Facebook is that it’s quite simple. In our introduction to Facebook marketing, we outline several basic steps anyone can follow to kickstart their marketing efforts on Facebook.

Create A Business Page

Any good introduction to Facebook marketing has to start with fan pages. Creating a fan page dedicated to your business is absolutely essential and is the foundation of all your Facebook marketing efforts.

A fan page increases recognition and allows people to learn more about your website and the products and services it sells. Further, a fan page will help you present your business in any way that you like. You can benefit from the option of uploading photos, videos and useful content.

A Facebook fan page will ultimately drive traffic to your website. You can use it to announce promotions, the availability of new products and services and any other innovations that you plan to introduce. Once the fan page is well established, you can use it to cheaply test demand for new services and products simply by asking your followers.

Links To Your Website

This one may seem very basic (which is why it’s included in our introduction to Facebook marketing), but it’s also very essential: use discussion boards, your personal profile and your e-commerce fan page to add links to your website.

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How to choose a great SEO company


Adding links to your website can cause Facebook to be a very powerful traffic tool. The additional traffic from Facebook to your site also adds to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Do your best to spread information about the website and to grant Facebook users ready access to it.


You can also provide links in the description of photos and videos that you upload. If the picture shows a specific product, for example, add a link to the page on your website that makes the purchase of the specific product possible.

Facebook Ads

Another tool to consider is Facebook Ads. If you are currently carrying out promotions or special campaigns, you can use Facebook Ads to “boost” your audience, letting more people know about your e-commerce initiatives beyond just your immediate fan group. Facebook Ads appear in the profiles of users and can be targeted on the basis of location, gender, age and interests.

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“Web Marketing That Works” by Adam Franklin & Toby Jenkins

Select the link that your Facebook Ad will lead to carefully. It needs to be attractive enough in order to keep visitors exploring your website. A wise selection of the ad’s landing page can lead to an increase in your sales.

Facebook Events And Promotions

Use the events option on Facebook to popularize parties and business events that will increase e-commerce recognition.

You can also utilize your personal wall to promote such promotions and events. Add information about them in discussions and relevant information boards.

Add “Share” And “Like” Buttons To Your Website

Lastly, adding Facebook “share” and “like” buttons to your own website can help drive incremental traffic. Nothing can be more powerful than the visitors of your website promoting on their own the content that they find useful and curious. The availability of these options will allow visitors to effortlessly share content they like with people in their Facebook networks.

Facebook gives you a wide range of tools that can be used in e-commerce marketing. It might take some time to see an increase in traffic but if you keep your efforts focused, you will succeed. Focus on links to useful content and interesting promotions. Grow your network so that more people have the chance to see your message.

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