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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Marketing Monday. Today we have an article from Social Media Today which makes the point that “when it comes to marketing on social media, relevance gets you an audience, volume keeps them”. While we have always been of the opinion that relevance will keep your audience, we take their point that more frequent posting keeps your name and brand front of mind of the customer.

Social Media Marketing Strategy | Social Media Today

http://socialmediatoday.comTue, 30 Jul 2013 14:25:05 GMT

Our takeaway was the following statistics:

“The higher the engagement, the more likely the user is to pass the communication organically. 

  • Buddy Media came out with a report that 1-4 posts is the best number to post each day. 
  • Nestivity did a study of 739,000 tweets and found that quality was better than quantity.
  • Sysomos claims that more than 20 tweets per day is too many”. 

Library of an Interaction Designer (Juhan Sonin) / 20100423.7D.0Here is another article from Social Media Today, quoting a piece originally posted by Mashable, explaining how a lot of business owners tend to miss essential pieces of their social media strategy, so you may want to run through this article and make sure you are not one of those missing out:

 The Missing Piece of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy | Social 

http://socialmediatoday.comSun, 28 Jul 2013 08:00:00 GMT

Even if you’ve spent countless hours and dedicated resources to developing a thorough social media marketing strategy, you may find that you have overlooked some small, yet critical elements that could end up 

 Our takeaway was this list:

  •  No link to your website. You may do an incredible job with your Facebook marketing strategy; however, neglecting to include a link to your website on your Facebook page or making it difficult to find can cause you to be less effective at converting new clients.
  • Lack of focus. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Google+. Tumblr. Everyday it seems as if there is a new social media channel popping up, which tempts business owners to spread themselves too thin across multiple networks instead of just focusing on one or two.
  • Throwing email marketing out the window. Email marketing was one of the first ways that businesses were able to connect with prospective customers online. There is a pretty good chance that your email will arrive in your customer’s inbox, and if he chooses to open it, statistics show that customers are willing to often share email content with their social networks.
  • Ignoring YouTube. Incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy can allow you to simplify the delivery of your content, show off your brand’s personality, and boost search engine rankings. Plus, online visitors are much more likely to view a video that read written content in its entirety.
  • Not regularly creating fresh content. We always hear that content is king; however, as life gets busy, producing high quality content on a regular basis becomes difficult and is often put on the back burner. Keeping up with new content production not only helps to build your brand, but plays an instrumental role in your SEO strategy.

 Finally this week we have an interesting article from Wicked Local, asking whether all small businesses should use social media at all. Our answer is a resounding “YES!” (in nearly all cases!). But check out the article and judge for yourself and your business.


Our takeaway was this:

“It’s important first to consider whether it makes sense for your business to use social media.

First, ask yourself, who are your customers? Do they use social media? What social networks do they use – Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? LinkedIn? YouTube? Etc.?

Ask current customers when they come in to your business to fill out a survey asking them:

  • If they use social media.
  • Which social networks they are active on.
  • What social network they use the most.
  • If they would want to receive information and promotions from your business via social media.

Small-business owners should also post a survey with the same questions on their business websites. Why? People who visit your website may include potential new customers, and most people looking into a business go to its website first”. 

 Until next week, enjoy your week!

Terry Chadban

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